The Wires – geometric animals by Mat Szulik

Today we want to introduce you to Mat Szulik a Polish designer and illustrator. Mat is mostly known from his great series untitled The PolyWood, which was a a toy collection of 8 wooden animals inspired by the Low Poly aesthetics. The Wires is Mat’s new series, featuring lovely animal sculptures made of fine geometric structures. Take a look at this amazing work of 3D modeling and rendering! Learn more at

mat-szulik-10 mat-szulik-11 mat-szulik-12 mat-szulik-13 mat-szulik-14 mat-szulik-15 mat-szulik-01 mat-szulik-02 mat-szulik-03 mat-szulik-04 mat-szulik-05 mat-szulik-06 mat-szulik-07 mat-szulik-08 mat-szulik-09

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