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What Traits Make a Successful Board Member?

There are lots of traits that can go into making a successful board member including social connections and wealth to knowledge in a field. There are some intangibles however they are the key to a successful director. These include the ability to think outside of the box and the ability to remain detached when discussing topics that are emotionally charged.

It is also crucial for boards to have members with necessary communication skills, as they will often be sharing sensitive information within meetings and out. Board members must be able to effectively communicate both verbally as well as in writing. A good board member should have a strong work ethics and an ambition for the organization to be successful.

Having the right composition of board members is crucial to the success of a charity. A creative director can help bring a new perspective to issues that may be stuck or not being properly addressed. Also, adding a financial expert can help ensure that financial issues are taken into consideration from all angles.

The nominating committee should spend time ensuring that new board members are well-suited for the role, and possess the necessary knowledge and experience as well as the independence. A good nominating committee will seek candidates who have a wide range of skills, including an understanding of the nonprofit’s operations and strategies, as well as the stakeholders. It is also essential for the board to stay clear of overlapping memberships, which can limit its effectiveness.

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