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What Does a Boot Scan Do?

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When a cyber-attack makes its way into your computer, it could hide in a variety ways. Many antivirus programs are able to detect malware by running regular scans or real-time protection. However a boot time scan is more thorough and will detect threats that are hidden.

A boot scan is an instant examination of the computer system before Windows starts. This lets the program detect hidden malware without disrupting normal operations. Avast’s boot scan feature offers several options to deal any threats that are detected during the scan. These include mending the files immediately and moving them to the Disease Chest or quarantine, and finally deleting them.

It can take some time to run a boot test. It’s a great idea to turn off any non-essential startup software and unplug USB or external hard drives. This will minimize the possibility of conflict and allow the scan to focus solely on the internal storage. It’s also a good idea to reserve some time during which you won’t use your computer for other tasks so that the boot scanning can take place without interruption.

To enable a scan that is based on the time of the boot you must select Settings (the gear icon) within the Avast interface. Select Scan Settings > Protection and then check the Boot Time Scan option. Set the options to your preferences, and then click OK. The Avast Boot-Time Scan is a highly effective tool to help you safeguard your computer from malicious threats and create a more pleasant computer environment.

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