Vistula – fall/winter 2013/2014

Vistula is a well known polish brand on market since 1967. It is a brand with focus on life-style men’s fashion but also also includes a collection of classic tailoring. Today is a reflect of the latest trends in fashion. For fall and winter Vistula classical forms and styles upgraded with original materials and bold as for this brand combination. Wool jacket with leather sleeves, velvet with satin finish or fox fur trim are just some of the bold offers for this season.

Element of the garment, which pays special attention to, is a jacket. The different lines, more or less tailored to the body, single, narrow lapels. In sports jackets buttons are puted in a contrast to fabric color. In a fall season with a view to the carnival there is also a wide choice of evening jackets which draws attention because of its shiny fabrics.

The whole collection is complemented by a more casual offers such as quilted jackets, sweaters and jeans. There is already a well-known patches on the sleeves, but also taken care of a more refined finish such as buttons with precious materials including buffalo horn or nut coal.

Even when we leave all the goodies details, do we Women don’t want to see our Man look like this? 










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