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Portraits Of Heroes And Villains Merged Into One Picture

Today we want to share great work of really talented artist. Dada she loves drawing and she is huge Disney fan. Using color pencils she is creating unique designs. This time we are presenting selection of her work, where she took the pure and honest good of cartoon characters and merged them side-by-side with their villain counterparts. Dada admit that she wanted to draw pure, honest, "good" characters that have an evil side or a villain. More: Instagram Post udostępniony przez d a d a (@dada16808) 17 Mar, 2017 o 6:00 PDT...


Cate Parr – Watercolor Fashion Illustrations

For those, who are interested in visual art, ist clear that the watercolors are usually one of the most difficult forms. This fact has not discouraged born in UK artist, to create ethereal and dreamy art work. Delicate and almost blur works by Cate Parr, doesn't have innocent character. Darker tones coming from the background forces the viewer to take a closer look on the details. In today's world of thousand frames  taken in a second it's really hard  to create something that can keep our attention for a little...