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Calm and Minimalist photos of Tokyo by Hiroharu Matsumoto

Those stunning photographs, that capturing moments suspended in time, between loneliness and contemplation, are created by Japanese artist Hiroharu Matsumoto. This talented photographer is showing us a unique atmosphere of Tokyo really far from crowded streets on the classic image. Those black and white photography of the calm Tokyo are enhanced by the geometric architecture. Take a look at our selection of Hiroharu Matsumoto work. For more you can visit facebook, twitter, tumblr, 500px....


Frightening and Fascinating Creatures by Ryohei Hase

Based out of Tokyo, Japanese artist Ryohei Hase expresses darkness in his artwork. He describe his work as sad and gloomy, but at the same time strong and beautiful. Through Ryohei work we are traveling in to the world populated with frightening and fascinating creatures. With his work he is expressing darkness of the mind, exploring all the bestiality of the human soul. for more stunning artworks visit facebook / deviantart     Images ©Ryohei Hase...


Louis Vuitton -Timeless Muses exhibition

If you are planning visiting Tokyo, from saturday on Louis Vuitton is taking over the city! From August 31 to September 23  you can see Timeless Muses exhibition dedicated to the iconic women from the arts, fashion, nobility, stage and screen. The showcase will pay homage to six women Kate Moss, Sofia Coppola, Catherine Deneuve, novelist Françoise Sagan, architect Charlotte Perriand and Eugénie de Montijo.  All of those women boldly marked the times in which they lived.    Below you can see the teaser with women who have inspired the French luxury...