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Geometric and Animal Tattoos by Dr. Woo

Fulloftaste's artist of the day is one and only Brian Woo, aka Dr. Woo. One of the most famous tattoo artists in Los Angeles, who mixes delicate compositions of animals and geometric diagrams, with an incredible finesse. Woo is globally recognized for his signature single-needle, black and grey works of art, as well as his personal style. Appeared on the tattoo scene in 2008 when the legendary tattoo icon Mark Mahoney invited him to apprentice at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood. Since then he has created most stunning pieces and designed...


Pencil Sketches by Andrew Wilson

Today I watched great sir Ken Robinson, who was talking about developing ouers childhood talents. According to this I'm pretty convinced that I found someone who just did that.  I must say that I saw many highly talented tattoo artist but illustrations made by Andrew are just perfect. They look like digital illustration but they are not. In fact to create those amazing sketches he is using simple set of colored pencils. When you watch his drawings  you have the feeling  that they are leap off the page. His pencil sketches...