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20 Fall’s Best Bags

Handbag...can you imagine life without it? History of handbags dates back to even the sixteenth century and for centuries resembled a simple bag. The changes came along with second half of the nineteenth century and there are strictly related to change in the Women social status. We became more bolder, we travelled more often and we were more aware of our needs. In a response to those needs, the two biggest brand Louis Vuitton and Hermes are creating a special line. From this time on we can observe experimentation with...


Saint Laurent Music Project

Less than a year ago Hedi Slimane became a creative director of Saint Laurent, one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. He began his leadership by Saint Laurent with quite controversial decision, which was the change of the fifty years old company logo. Now Slimane surprised us with his new music project. Music is his great passion and thats why we can enjoy the collaboration with rock stars. Normally it is nothing unusual with celebrities, actors and musician in fashion projects, but this time results of collaborations...