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shrimps & chorizo

- shrimps - chorizo - pepper - green peas - green beans - rice - herbs - basil On hot pan fry the chorizo in order to let go of fat. Put pieces of chorizo to a container, throw the peeled shrimp on fat. later add the chopped pepper and then peas. Add previously cooked green beans and rice, mix with shrimp and pepper at the end add the chorizo. Aromatic sausage gives the dish a spicy flavor Season with salt Sprinkle with parsley or fresh basil   ...


Rice balls

Ingredients: 1 cup of rice piece of cheese parsley 1 package slices of bacon breadcrumbs 1 egg salt pepper hot pepper flakes Cook rice as the print statement on the package, in the meantime, chop finely bacon and the parsley and put it into a larger bowl. The cheese is then cut into cubes. Drain off the cooked rice and combine with the previously prepared ingredients. Prepare the bread crumbs. Form a mid-sized balls of rice in the middle insert a piece of cheese. Fryth balls so that they receive...