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sauerkraut in puff pastry

- champignon mushroom - onion - sauerkraut - cumin - bay leaf - allspice - pepper - puff pastry Pickled cabbage should be firstly rinse and then cook with bay leaf and allspice. On a frying pan fry the onions and mushrooms. After cooling, mix the cabbage and mushrooms. Cut puff pastry in rectangles. 2 for each pie. Fill the prepared pie with filling and cover it with another piece of pastry. Bake about 15-20 jasmine at 180 degrees...


puff pastry apple cookies

Ingredients: - puff pastry - apples - cinnamon - sugar - 1 egg yolk cut apples into small cubes thrown into a bowl and generously sprinkle with lemon, then lightly fry in a pan by adding cinnamon. Prepared filling leave to cool. Cut circles from puff pastry. Put the filling on the cuted circle and then close it with other part of pastry, glue the edges. Ready cookies gently smear with egg yolk and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in 180 degrees about 20 min  ...


puff pastry squares with fruits

Ingredients: - puff pastry - fruits / frozen fruits / berries - jam - brown sugar The simplest recipe for a little something. You can prepare it in two ways, depending on whether you use fresh or frozen fruits. If you use frozen fruits (after thawing) you should slightly boil them, add sugar and jam. Then leave them to cool down. In the meantime gently roll puff pastry and cut into squares. Then  put the chilled fruit on the cuted squares and wrapp corners. At the end we can sprinkle a...