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From Russia With Love – magical photography by Kristina Makeeva

Kristina Makeeva is a photographer from Moscow, Russia. If you don't love Russian style yet, after looking at her work you definitely will. Kristina has created Winter Serie where a flurry of white powder swirls around colorful architecture and light-filled trees – Moscow, during the winter, resembles a snow globe. On her website you can also find a hilarious photographs of the cat. Cutlet because that is cats name, is very majestic and quite phlegmatic at the same time, what definitely helped Kristina during the photoshoots. But this is not...

"Pagan Poetry"

“Pagan Poetry” by Marcin Nagraba and Agnieszka Osipa

Photographer Marcin Nagraba together with costume designer Agnieszka Osipa had recently created a photo project, called ‘Pagan Poetry’. The photographer wanted to create a photo series closely associated with Slavic mythology, its dark but also beautiful side. Looking at the photos below, you can definitely feel a ritual and ambiguous atmosphere. Would like to see a movie or series in such a convention? you have to visit  Marcin Nagraba - Photography & Art, Agnieszka Osipa Costumes...

Maine Coons

Maine Coons in Majestic Portrait Series by Robert Sijka

Maine Coon is the largest domesticated breed of cat. It has distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills, and It's one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Maine Coon is closest breed to lynx but you can share your home with it, without worrying about your life. Robert Sijka Hong Kong-based photographer decided to pay tribute to this majestic and extraordinary cat. Robert Sijka sees cats as almost mystical beasts and on his website he is sharing those stunning images with the rest of us: "My passions are...


Dance Photography by Alexander Yakovlev

Beautiful but the same time powerful dance photography selection by russian artist Alexander Yakovlev. Based in Moscow photographer perfectly captured the movement, fineness, energy and emotions. Take a look at our selection, for more visit facebook / @ayakovlevcom / 500px   via ayakovlev.com/...


“Home Movies” by Molly McCall

Molly McCall is using found photographs as the basis for her art. Her work is as much interesting as her professional life. Inspired by her great grandfather an illustrator for the New York Times, and grandfather, a professional watercolorist in Southern California, Molly has started painting and photography at an early age. Born in Monterey California with a family influence in clothing, she has created her own label and sold to numerous speciality boutiques including Henri Bendel in New York, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and Nordstrom, where she was...


The Disturbing Photography Of Lin Yung Cheng

Yung Cheng Lin is Taiwanese artist and photographer also known as “3cm”. Her disturbing photography is leading us through the topics of womanhood – sexuality, birth, menstruation, maturity, the obstacles in front of women and the expectations towards them in today’s society. All this anatomical anomalies and surreal compositions are done by using everyday objects and simple colors. for more visit Facebook and Instagram photos ©Lin Yung Cheng  ...


Hilarious Dog Portraits by Christian Vieler

Who doesn't love dogs? I'm a huge fan of pictures and short movies that you can find all over the Internet. That's why I'm thrilled to present a series created by German photographer Christian Vieler. He created a hilarious photos of dogs trying to catch food. Christian was able to captured the many faces of doggies depicting such emotions as excitement, sadness or confusion. This 45 years old journalist started to become interested in photography in 2012 with a purchase of a new camera. I'm pretty sure that Christian Vieler can...


Paint Me Over – like an art

This stunning series called "Paint Me Over" is a collaboration between Russian photographer Marina Danilova and wedding dress designer Svetlana Lyalina. Model was featuring in large painted dresses which are tribute to controversial Russian painter Nikas Safronov. In this case the ball gowns are not only pice of clothing but more unconventional painter canvas, amazing piece of art. via  Marina Danilova...

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