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ETNO by Beata Bojda i Ula Kóska

Today we want to share with you a beautiful project made by two really talent Polish artist. They decided to revive the traditional floral ornaments made of folded crepe paper, popular in Poland in the early 20th century. Back then were using as a decoration for ceilings, portraits of saints frames, were also an integral part of the festive attire. Those stunning wreaths on models heads, were made using the traditional method of Edith Cieslik-Moczek. You can see that the Slavic culture was the main source of inspiration, but the...


mood for green by Loft 37

Today we want to present another great brand. Loft 37 is a shoemaker company but more like a joint collaboration of two, long-time friends, Joanna and Paulina, who understand one another without words. They have love for beautiful things, including shoes, and passion for creating. So, they made a decision to combine their enthusiasm and experience together and designed a shop with exceptional Loft37 shoes. Joanna is a former lawyer and Paulina is a painter, interior designer and decorator. Together, they have boundless energy, express great creativity and are eager...


Fashion Inspirations Mix – blue

Do you have your ultimate favorite color? If not take a look at today's inspiration. It's summer so let's start with blue. Enjoy.       from: tumblr, pinterest, google          ...