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street art – Aryz

Aryz -  you definitely need to remember this name! This spanish artist is slowly but surely becoming a household name. By using spray paint and paint rollers he creates stunning, intricately detailed works.   Just like about every other street artist there is not a lot of information about Aryz. What do we know? This brilliant young artist was born in Barcelona and begins his career on a summer day with some friends.   Aryz in his work enjoys using classic street art tools such as brushes, spray paint, rollers. He...

street art

street art – Ernest Zacharevic

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic is an author of brilliant series of interactive murals on the streets of Penang, Malaysia. He is using his talent to create realistic pieces engaging the public. His iconic works has become very popular across the city, where passersby are taking a photos of themselves immersed in the scene displayed on the wall behind them. Ernest is one of those artists that breaks away from the 2D nature of graffiti. pictures: facebook.com/Ernestzachas  ...

street art

street art – Hopare

Colours excites me so maybe that's why I like his work so much. Alexandre Monteiro, aka HOPARE is a French artist who mostly works in Paris but also in  Venice or Montreal. In some of his paintings you can see how nice he can combine some representational imagery with a painterly graffiti style. I would like to have some of those pieces on my wall. you need to vistit: http://www.hopare.com https://www.facebook.com/Hopare I want this chair!  also at: http://www.streetartutopia.com http://graffuturism.com http://www.ufunk.net http://www.streetartnews.net...

street art

street art – DALeast

DALeast - he keep his real name in a secret - is a Chinese born artist who lives and creates in Capetown, South Africa. This incredible artist showed an interest for drawing since he was three. As a grown up he decided to study Sculpture in the Fine Art Institute in his home town Wuhan. Because of conservative mind sets and teaching methods he dropped out in the fourth year, just year before he supposed to complete them. DALeast on his first year in art school, joined a graffiti crew "JEJ", which  was a first generation...

street art

street art – AliCè

Alice or Alice Pasquini is an Italian artist working as a daily painting, illustration and stage design.  Born in 1980, Alice graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, a well-known Ars animación school in Madrid and the Universidad Computense critical art studies. She lived and created in many European cities such as Great Britain France and Spain. In Spain Alice had the opportunity to present her design skills in project of theme parks for children. She has also worked with large corporations - Nike, Range Rover, Toyota, Microsoft,...

street art

Street Art- Graffiti

As you know in the concept of street art we can find many different forms of artistic expression. The most-known form is graffiti, which in history of art is described as "a kind of technique and artistic activities, which consists of scrubbing or painting of words, signs, pictures on the walls of buildings in public places." However, in the ordinary meaning of the term has been narrowed down to painting to, in which spray paint is used. Graffiti we know it was founded in New York in late '60s and...

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