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CÉLINE – fashion history

This Luxury fashion house was founded in 1954 by Céline Vipiana and her husband Robert. Marriage team opened her self named boutique in Paris, selling beautifully crafted children’s shoes. Whitout experience and education her shoes collection became a success. Even personalities such as Princess Caroline and Prince Albert of Monaco were interested in Vipiana's projects. Because of them brand quickly became more recognizable and Céline completed collection by men and women shoe models. In early 1950s Céline established her own particular brand of luxury goods. Encouraged by success and good fortune...


Fashion history – Fashion Of The 1950’s

Fashion is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and if someone thinks it is new phenomenon is wrong as a proof we can take some old fashion magazins or catalogs. Over the years we can see like Women, step by step liberated themselves from uncomfortable clothes to at the end jump in.....still uncomfortable but widely considered as fashionable. I loved the phrase: "every morning we should be thankful Coco Chanel for shorten skirts and allowed to show the legs". If any of you like me has a problem with leaving...


Fashion history – Charles Frederick Worth

Fashion we know - created by designers patterns for reproduce  and imitate,  born in the nineteenth century. This situation is directly linked to phenomenon of Lebensreform (reform of life), which is a number of effects that wear response to the conflicts of industrial era. Movement has born in Germany and Switzerland. Besides reform of the clothes this movement included also such phenomena as natural medicine, organic food, theosophy, vegetarianism or naturism. All these phenomena have one in common,that they were animated by the light of the society, which has set...