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Melania Trump And Her Inauguration Day Beauty

And it's done! The inauguration of controversial 45 President of The United State is history now. President-elect Donald Trump and Melania Trump officially become the nation’s First Couple after the 2017 inauguration ceremony which took place in Washington D.C. For her inauguration look, Melania Trump wore a sky-blue cashmere jacket and mock turtleneck dress by Ralph Lauren. She wore matching shoes and gloves–the look has already been compared to the powder blue outfit Jackie Kennedy wore for her husband's Inauguration in 1961. New First Lady appeared to take a page...


Stavros Damos illustrations

Great and surprising collection by Thessaloniki-based illustrator. Stavros Damos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he also studied graphic design at AAS College of Art & Design. His main professional activities and specialization are focused on illustration. He sees his subject as a sculptor and in his work he brakes the forms, and illustrate them with line strokes, trying to achieve 3D form. Stavros client are mainly advertising agencies, publishing houses and magazines. Take a look at our selection of his illustrations. Facebook, twitter, Instagram illustrations by ©Stavros Damos...