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Women In The Fashion Industry

Diversity or even discrimination in fashion industry is one topic of conversation which is often brought up. Each season, we praise designers who feature more inclusive casting when it comes to body diversity or skin color. But today we don't want to talk about obvious race problem in fashion. The International Women's Day brought as to the less-asked question, that takes the conversation off the catwalk and focus more on the design studios and ateliers. In the world driven by the spending habits of women and fashion houses created for...


mood for green by Loft 37

Today we want to present another great brand. Loft 37 is a shoemaker company but more like a joint collaboration of two, long-time friends, Joanna and Paulina, who understand one another without words. They have love for beautiful things, including shoes, and passion for creating. So, they made a decision to combine their enthusiasm and experience together and designed a shop with exceptional Loft37 shoes. Joanna is a former lawyer and Paulina is a painter, interior designer and decorator. Together, they have boundless energy, express great creativity and are eager...


This week favorite: watch by Kerbholz

  I love to find new creative people, ideas or brands. This is one of them, I found those guys last year and finally I can present them to you. The Kerbholz was founded by Adrian, Matze, Moritz and Nils. Started to create original wooden items from 2012. Since then, Kerb­holz stands for woo­den glas­ses and woo­den wat­ches of finest qua­lity, hand­made from the most pre­cious woods in the world. Since the very begin­ning Kerb­holz works in a sus­tainable way wit­hout com­pro­mi­sing on the clean design or qua­lity. This week...