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street art

DALeast – new piece in Berlin, Germany

DALeast is an artist that I already wrote about here. A few days ago he spread his magical lines in Berlin, Germany. The NYC-based gallery invited him to work on the facade of the Urban Nation Berlin in Schöneberg. This time Chinese artist used his energetic lines to create a head of an eagle. Using brown and earthy colors, it seems like the head is slowly rusting away.           pictures from : streetartnews.net...

street art

street art – DALeast

DALeast - he keep his real name in a secret - is a Chinese born artist who lives and creates in Capetown, South Africa. This incredible artist showed an interest for drawing since he was three. As a grown up he decided to study Sculpture in the Fine Art Institute in his home town Wuhan. Because of conservative mind sets and teaching methods he dropped out in the fourth year, just year before he supposed to complete them. DALeast on his first year in art school, joined a graffiti crew "JEJ", which  was a first generation...