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Color Psychology – ORANGE

You are sick and tired of this cold weather? Lack of energy is sneaking into your life? Bad mood ? We have solution!! Go somewhere where is warm... :P! Just joking. Have u ever heard about color psychology? If not this post is for you. Color is most common eye impulse, that is using  almost in every life area. We can see color but also feel and even hear it. Can transmit information faster than words and emit energy, affect human perception of temperature, distance and mood, emotion and aesthetic...


Figures Paintings by David Agenjo

David Agenjo is a figurative painter born in Madrid in 1977, living in London. He has lived and worked in many places including: Dublin, New York, Shenzhen (China) and Mumbai. David Agenjo  is self-taught and self-supporting with his painting, a way of life he has been developing professionally for over eight years now. It's clear that he is heavily influenced by color and texture and combines this in “unexpected” ways on his palette. David was always intrigued by almost accidental ways of establishing a textural or color field, so he started incorporating...