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Sherlock Holmes by Alice X Zhang

I introduced Alice X Zhang by her series "Movie Moments". This time I want to show you digital paintings inspired by main characters from great show "Sherlock Holmes".       pictures from: google.com http://www.screened.com more at: http://portfolio.alicexz.com/...


Movie Moment by Alice X Zhang – digital painting

In every great movie you can find several memorable moments, which states in memory forever. New York artist Alice X. Zhang creates a portraits of pop culture characters in her own unique style of digital painting. It may look easy  but those pieces can take over 4 hours of work. Although she navigates Photoshop like a pro. Alice's collection of cinematic moments include such a film as The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, In the Mood for Love or my favorite  Inglourious Basterds with outstanding Christoph Waltz. If you live in...