Street style – Milan Fashion Week



I think this season sidewalks are way more interesting than the catwalks. Walking around in the world biggest fashion capitals you can actually see the fashion trends. Street is where all actions is taking place. See how it was on Milan Fashion Week. 

mfw002 mfw003 mfw004 mfw005 mfw006 mfw007 mfw008 mfw009 mfw010 mfw011 mfw012 mfw013 mfw014 mfw015 mfw016 mfw017 mfw018 mfw019 mfw020 mfw021 mfw022 mfw023 mfw025 mfw026 mfw027 mfw028 mfw029 mfw030 mfw031 mfw032 mfw033 mfw034 mfw035 mfw036 mfw037 mfw038





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