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street art – Hopare

hopare 006

Colours excites me so maybe that’s why I like his work so much. Alexandre Monteiro, aka HOPARE is a French artist who mostly works in Paris but also in  Venice or Montreal. In some of his paintings you can see how nice he can combine some representational imagery with a painterly graffiti style. I would like to have some of those pieces on my wall.

you need to vistit:

hopare 005

hopare 002

hopare 003

hopare 001

hopare 007

hopare 010

hopare 011

hopare 012

hopare 013

hopare 008

hopare 009

hopare 014

hopare 015

hopare 018

hopare 019

hopare 016

hopare 017

hopare 025

hopare 026

hopare 027

hopare 023

hopare 024

hopare 022

I want this chair! 

hopare 020

hopare 021

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