street art

street art by James Bullough

Today we are presenting a selection of street art creations and paintings by James Bullough. James is an American artist now based in Berlin. His paintings, and huge monumentally scaled site-specific murals, are phenomenal combinations of realist painting technique and graphic punctuation. Bullough is taking his inspiration from gritty urban graffiti. As growing up in Washington, DC he perfected a realistic oil painting technique from his study of the Old Masters. To achieve effects that you can watch below he is using everything from oil, spray paint and ink on canvas, Bullough’s paintings strike a balance between realistic figurations and stylized interruption. Disjointing the realistic elements with graphic areas and fractured or striated planes, Bullough intends to challenge the viewer’s perception.

If you want to learn more visit his you can find there also info about his recent exhibitions

you can find Him on : facebookinstagram

james_bullough 01 james_bullough 02 james_bullough 03 james_bullough 04 james_bullough 05 james_bullough 06 james_bullough 07 james_bullough 08 james_bullough 09 james_bullough 10 james_bullough 11 james_bullough 12 james_bullough 13 james_bullough 14 james_bullough 15 james_bullough 16 james_bullough 17 james_bullough 18 james_bullough 19


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