Spring Vibe by #fulloftaste

Proposition for those who would like to bring a spring vibe into their wardrobe. Three different trends combine just for you.

Today’s outfit I have built around, in my opinion, the coolest trend, palazzo trousers. Mostly associated with Italians fashion, made from thin material with characteristic wide legs. Comfortable loose-fitting trousers help to hide our imperfections and makes your outfit more interesting.

Second trend is bomber jacket, really popular for several seasons. Of course in my outfit you can see the masterpiece from GUCCI, but much cheaper items you can find in Zara or New Look.

Last but not least color. In the past read and pink was the forbidden composition but now it seems to be really trendy. I personally love, love this trend, but if you are not really sure about it, you can simply smuggle it in the details and accessories.

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