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Secure Data Room for M&A Due Diligence

A secure dataroom is a platform that allows documents to be shared during due diligence in M&A transactions. It is a fast and easy way buyers can review private information without having to visit the office of the seller.

A secure data room’s most frequent use is due diligence in M&A transactions, where a prospective buyer must look through a large volume of confidential documents. Information like corporate contracts, board meetings discussions about investment banking and other sensitive information can be contained in. While free file-sharing software such as Box or Google Drive is convenient, it is not equipped with the security features that are required when sharing sensitive documents, such as audit trails and passwords.

When looking for a provider of a secure dataroom, be sure to look for security certificates and a full list of features. Check if the solution has secure encryption as well as granular user access rights for document and user activity tracking, 2FA, IP restriction, and customizable reporting.

Intralinks VDR is a renowned virtual data room that offers functionality speed, security, and speed with an easy-to-use interface. The platform streamlines workflows, simplifies organizing and controls access. It is used for corporate events, such as M&A due-diligence by thousands of service providers. Its features include secure mobile apps, an easy-to-use interface for all devices, document printing and download that is protected by IRM and a robust analytics section and many more. It is also highly customizable with customisable workspaces, and a unified project portal to facilitate collaboration on large-scale projects.

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