Prada spring/summer 2015

There is no doubt that Miuccia Prada is one of the most creative designer in the fashion world. She is also an art lover and there she finds her inspiration. Most common picture from the Prada show is herself backed up against a wall with ten journalists desperate to decipher what she means by her collection? Well no one asked Miuccia about the fact that they watched the show in front of over 100 tons of sand dunes that had been dyed mauve and poured from wall-to-wall on the carpet at Prada HQ. I believe that every thing in this show has a meaning but this time I really have no idea what kind of.
Excitement and some nerve conversation are part of the Prada shows. Nobody knows what to expect, how to react or what to think. Show goes on for a few minutes, after that we are all alone with raw feeling, and puzzlement. But where is the place for a clothes because this is a fashion show in fact? Asked about inspiration Miuccia was talking about brocade, actually about 30 different types of brocade and how we can enjoy things which were made in the past. This inspirations manifested itself in frayed patchworks of antique brocades on dresses, and outlining stitchwork on tailored outerwear.

 I need to be honest I’m not really fan of this new collection. The designer returning to one of her preferred decades (the 1970s) but this time is not so literal an interpretation. Prada took the the sartorial codes of that era and try to bring them forward to today.Well what can I say… my grandma would love it and especially this look with yellow sleeveless sweater. But there is one truth I know : you can never be sure of what women might like to put on.

Although there is one thing I do like in this collection –  accessories! Simple lines, elegant handbags and delicate jewellery, just perfect!

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