George Clooney for W Magazine – photography by Emma Summerton

This month W Magazine cover belongs to George Clooney. In great editorial created by  Emma Summerton, actor is dressed in an Armani suit customized by Yayoi Kusama. In this issue, magain is catching up with Clooney , who tells us about his upcoming film The Monuments Men, Hitler's art collection and his cinematic crush. read more at            pictures from:


25 Unrealistic Objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

This series of strange and surreal objects entitled “Improbabilità“ is created by italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso. He simply hijacks everyday objects and make them unusable. With this amazing series, Giuseppe shows us a new level of abstraction. Created objects are improbable, but not impossible creations which divert the functional codes of objects that surround us. You may ask why Colarusso created all those hilarious objects? He simply want to force viewers to think for a while and to smile.           pictures from:  ...


Fat & Furious – Special Burgers

How awesome is that?! Force behind Fat & Furious Burger, delicious website are two french graphics designers known as Quentin and Thoma. "We were so bored of random food at lunch, so we started cooking together,"- they said. "It soon became a kind of a ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger." Even if it's really hard to imagine eating some of the pair's concoctions, I can say that is the best burgers I ever seen.               pictures from:


Ibai Acevedo – photography

This 29 years old photographer was born in Barcelona, Spain. Ibai shows us his world placed between reality and fiction. As we can read on his website, this style is coming from the weakness for tones and textures.  Reality or fiction dosen't matter for him as long as we are able to tell something by our art work. for more photography visit


Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz – pohotography

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz was born in Poland, photographer who is mostly known for his high speed photography. Today I want to share his latest series which was inspired by the pin up girl style. Let's say that his version of pin up girl is more exciting! Model are dressed only in milk and it looks almost to perfect to be not illustrated. But no each photo is taken with real milk splashed across the models naked bodies. To create this spectacular effect Jaroslav had to learn splashed by making hundred of...


Elena Kalis – underwater photography

Elena Kalis is a Russian artist that specializes in underwater photography. Another important thing here is that for the last ten years she is living in the Bahamas. Conclusion: I bay a waterproof camera and I'm going to Bahamas. I want to be an artist!!!   more at:    ...


Bryan Cranston’s GQ Shoot

Breaking Bad just have won Emmy for the best show so today a photo shoot from a august GQ magazine. Lead actor Bryan Cranston photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg.     from:

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