New Manolo Blahnik collection at London Fashion Week

Manolo Blahnik 006

Just yesterday showed his new spring/ summer collections. “Look at these shoes – are they just not decadent and beautiful!” he said and introduced new line by a Michael Roberts film screened in the plush screening room at the Covent Garden Hotel.

Hot pink, yellow, black and white. Jewelled, extravagant or classical it’s difficult not to be thrilled and excited after this collection. Although I see some difficulties how can I choose just one pair?!

 Manolo Blahnik 002Manolo Blahnik 013Manolo Blahnik 014Manolo Blahnik 015Manolo Blahnik 016Manolo Blahnik 017Manolo Blahnik 018Manolo Blahnik 019Manolo Blahnik 020Manolo Blahnik 021Manolo Blahnik 022Manolo Blahnik 023Manolo Blahnik 024Manolo Blahnik 025Manolo Blahnik 026Manolo Blahnik 027Manolo Blahnik 028Manolo Blahnik 029Manolo Blahnik 030Manolo Blahnik 031Manolo Blahnik 032Manolo Blahnik 033Manolo Blahnik 034Manolo Blahnik 035Manolo Blahnik 036Manolo Blahnik 037Manolo Blahnik 038Manolo Blahnik 039Manolo Blahnik 040Manolo Blahnik 041Manolo Blahnik 042Manolo Blahnik 043Manolo Blahnik 044Manolo Blahnik 045Manolo Blahnik 046Manolo Blahnik 001Manolo Blahnik 003Manolo Blahnik 004Manolo Blahnik 005  Manolo Blahnik 007Manolo Blahnik 008Manolo Blahnik 009Manolo Blahnik 010Manolo Blahnik 011Manolo Blahnik 012

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