Jewellery Collection inspired by “Maleficent”


It seems like Angelina Jolie or maybe more her dark character in her most recent movie are great inspiration for world of beauty and fashion.
First MAC decided to created a special line inspired by the make- up used in the film and now Crow’s Nest used this fairy-tale story of a beautiful witch, as a reason to create a mini jewllery collection.

Bracelets that snake around your wrists, huge rings and openwork earrings this all brings to my mind the horns, dragons, feathers and twisting vines.

This amazing collection was made from most luxurious materials such as black diamonds, onyx, yellow gold and sapphires. Prices are also very luxurious form 2 500$ to 20 000$.

Maleficent001 Maleficent002 Maleficent003 Maleficent004 Maleficent005 Maleficent006


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