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How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

It’s a daunting task to organize a board meeting. You have to balance ensuring that your staff is engaged, informed and focused with creating a welcoming environment that fosters collaboration and open communication. You can apply the best practices when conducting a board meeting remotely or in person.

Get distracted

New topics of discussion that arise during your meeting may cause you to lose time with your team members and cause them to lose focus on the main agenda items. It is important to give these issues the attention they deserve, but also not lose sight of your aim of making progress towards your company’s goals. You can accomplish this by adding a “parking area” to your agenda where you can place non-urgent items on hold to be considered later.

Having a Clear Sequence

A well-organized board meeting has a clear structure, which includes the order of business, review of the book for board members, an explanation of the board’s procedures and a list of the upcoming action items including discussion of the new and old business and adjournment. This lets you quickly address your main issues and remain on time.

It can be difficult to keep your meeting on track, particularly when the topic is intense. A lively discussion can be beneficial if it helps resolve the issue and move on with your agenda. It’s not a good idea to repeat previous discussions for a long time during your meeting.

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