“Home Movies” by Molly McCall

Molly McCall is using found photographs as the basis for her art. Her work is as much interesting as her professional life. Inspired by her great grandfather an illustrator for the New York Times, and grandfather, a professional watercolorist in Southern California, Molly has started painting and photography at an early age.

Born in Monterey California with a family influence in clothing, she has created her own label and sold to numerous speciality boutiques including Henri Bendel in New York, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and Nordstrom, where she was awarded their most favored designer in California.

After almost 20 years, Molly returned to painting and photography. Today I want to show you her latest work. In the series Home Movies, she is creating segmented imagery to explore connections between the passage of time, transition/transformation, loss, and memory. The seemingly spontaneous found images are reframed to reveal gestures of unfinished stories and convey memory in a narrative form.

As you can read in “Artist Statement” the series integrates Molly’s interest in art history, color theory, and found imagery, using photographic processes and today’s technology. Color and mark-making are also used to emphasize or diminish certain elements of the photographic image, similar to the deterioration and fading of memory and material things over time. Each print is toned with various solutions, and details are painted out or painted in, using oil and acrylic paints, transforming the vintage image through time as it is re-created in its new state, and in a new context.

Below you can find some of Molly’s work for more visit or here Facebook page. 

artwork ©Molly McCall


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