GOSHICO helping is fashionable

GOSHICO it is a Polish brand Created by two sisters – Małgorzata Kotlonek-Horoch and Agnieszka Wojcik Kotlonek- specializes in original, handmade bags. They launched hers brand in 2008 with revolutionary idea to combining the raw felt with a colorful, densely woven embroidery. This new trend took Poland and tanks to brand distributors, not just Poland. GOSHICO is a brand that can satisfy even the most requiring clients. GOSHICO id line is limited collections, or even single copies of bags sewn from rare Italian leathers. Line is designed to meet the individual and the most sophisticated needs of our clients.

Aga i Małgo
GOSHICO is also Involved with helping children. Today we present the third edition of charity event for pediatric oncology branch of the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw. This great idea this time is supporting by Polish celebrities. This special line is available until 20 of september tak a look maybe you can also help a bit!

you can find it here !!!!

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