ETNO by Beata Bojda i Ula Kóska

Today we want to share with you a beautiful project made by two really talent Polish artist. They decided to revive the traditional floral ornaments made of folded crepe paper, popular in Poland in the early 20th century. Back then were using as a decoration for ceilings, portraits of saints frames, were also an integral part of the festive attire. Those stunning wreaths on models heads, were made using the traditional method of Edith Cieslik-Moczek.
You can see that the Slavic culture was the main source of inspiration, but the same time you can see combine elements of many cultures – from Eastern Europe to Italy, and even South America. The effect is surprisingly modern and very convincing.

visit Ula Kóska  Beata Bojda

Photo: Ula Kóska
Concept, makeup and styling: Beata Bojda
Models: Joanna Orzechowska and Oil / United For Models


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