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Who is… Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt chief and editor of “Vogue Paris”.

I’m a big fan of her style, especially the way she combines clothes from chain stores with those from the great designers. She’s not afraid to wear the same outfit twice and what is more important she always looks impeccably.

She is 43 years old, doesn’t pay much attention to her appearance. She’s not practising yoga like a half of the fashion population, she is not even big fan of exercise and it is all because she has lot of energy in herself. She doesn’t wear make-up… sometime she only use a mascara. Alt is not also a big fan of visits in a hairdresser so she cuts her hair during the photo shoots. It may look strange but….yes this is the Woman who tell everyone what is fashionable at the moment, how they should dress and which one form the new collection is worth seeing.

Emmanuelle is a embodies of a rock style which she mix with a touch of the classics look. She love to wear skinny jeans – in her opinion the best one you can find are n Topshop – with white cashmere shirt, blazer from Balmain and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Her nonchalant style and healthy approach to girly stuff is undoubtedly her big trump.

Love for fashion Alt inherited from her mother, who in the ’60s and ’70s was a model for fashion houses such as Lanvin and Nina Ricci. Thanks to her mother, Emmanuelle went for her first fashion shows when she was still a child.

Alt loves photography but she has more fun when she stylize, not just fashion photo shoots, also food photo shoots. She said ones that cooking and eating is her second biggest passion.



Emmanuelle Alt chief and editor of "Vogue Paris".

Emmanuelle started her career from collaboration with “Elle” magazine and more precisely with his French edition. Then came time for  “20 ans” i “Mixte”. Until year 2000 when she started to work with Carine Roitfeld, who at that time was editor and chief of “Vogue Paris”. In 2011 Emmanuelle took her place.

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