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Developing a Strategic Board Agenda

The agenda for every meeting should be clearly defined. It makes sure that every discussion achieves the intended goal and avoids getting bogged down in details. However, planning a successful strategic board meeting requires more than simply the appropriate format for your agenda. Board members also need to be prepared for the meeting, and ready to take part in productive discussions.

One of the most important things a board can do to prepare for an effective meeting is to read the documents for the board in advance. This will help the board members to become familiar with the material and prepare questions for the meeting. Additionally, this is a great way to improve participation by encouraging everyone to bring their own perspectives to the table.

Another important aspect to consider when the preparation for a productive strategic board meeting is focusing on the content and not the format. Board meetings should be efficient and focused. Therefore, it is important to arrange topics in a logical manner. Start with the most important and urgent ones. Then, move on to topics that build upon the previous ones. Finally, don’t forget to make a space in the meeting to discuss new business. This is the perfect opportunity for the board to have generative discussions that will help to propel the organization forward.

In recent years Boards have been pushed to take on more hands-on tasks. This can result in meetings being longer than they are and deviating from the subject. To prevent this from happening, keep the information in the board’s dashboard at a strategic level.

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