Jeans are the most common garment in the world. There is nothing special or unique in a pair of jeans, we could say. They are not stimulating our imagination like designer handbag or piece of jewellery. So how the jeans superbrands are able to earn billions of dollars every year?

First thing first, do you know the history of the most popular garment in the world?

Levis have been the world’s biggest selling jeans brand for over the 100 years. All because of Levis Strauss who was running the shop in San Francisco during the gold rush of the late 1800. He had the idea of using some fabric that he imported for making tent to make hard wearing trousers for the miners. He brought him from Nimes, France; de Nimes; denim – so simple! And the jeans were born.

He puted rivets on the pockets to protect them from tearing and that was it , the jeans were born! That was pretty much it for almost 70 years until after II world war jeans were again discovered by teenagers. All of the suddenly there was exciting new era of the people that weren’t wearing a suits only a workwear. In one moment denim become really cool look. Jeans became a statement, and quick after jeans, Levis were a reflection of youth rebellion. Until 60 when jeans mean peace. Well there is no doubts that at that time you could say lot about someone just looking at his jeans. What is with them now? Are they still a statement? 


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