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Deal Management Software – A Better Way to Capture and Manage Deals

If it’s a brand new investment opportunity or a deal renegotiation an unexpected problem the success of your real estate company requires the right information and swift action. But relying on old-fashioned methods to communicate this information — like spreadsheets, emails or physical documents as well as calls is a lengthy and inefficient method.

Deal management software improves data collection and delivery, and automates essential tasks, allowing teams to gain quicker insights to guide the real estate investment decision-making process. With these tools, your team will be able to take advantage of more opportunities, move them through each stage of the sales funnel and track their progress to ensure your investors’ best interests are being satisfied.

A Better Method to Manage and Capture Deals

Sales are part art, part science–to improve win rates it is essential that your team members maximize their strengths and minimize the weaknesses of each individual. This is only possible when you have reliable, personified sales data that reveals every aspect of a deal. This information can be shared among team members with an application for deal management. Sales managers are also able to access this information so they are always informed of the status of deals.

In a competitive real estate market, even a small error or misinterpretation of a customer’s timeline could mean the difference between success or failure. The appropriate tools and sales-enablement content can help your team overcome these challenges, leading to high-quality engagement, backed by data and results. The right deal management software can also detect potential stalls or issues in your sales pipeline. This allows you to act quickly, and make the most of an opportunity that was not taken advantage of.

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