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Board Management Toos – Why Choose a Board Portal?

Board management tools are a fantastic method to improve the quality of governance in the company. They allow board members and administrative staff to concentrate on other important tasks, while also reducing time. Choosing the right board portal software can allow companies to get a huge ROI and make planning meetings easier for everyone involved.

Easier for Board Members

Centralized access to board materials means boards will spend less time searching through emails and shared files in search of information they need for meetings. This is a major improvement over traditional methods which can result in miscommunications and information silos. Boards who use tools for managing meetings report increased efficiency, more effective decision-making and a higher level of engagement than those who rely on paper or electronic tools that were not designed specifically for board of directors.

Easier for Admins

Board management software allows administrators to complete meeting preparation in minutes, instead of hours. This includes scheduling meetings, creating agendas and sharing documents, preparing surveys, registering votes for meeting minutes, assembling them and approving the finalized minutes. Additionally, the best board portal can assist companies reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating paper usage during the meeting process as well as throughout the lifecycle of a meeting package.

The top board portals provide superior customer service. You can expect a team of professionals who are eager to answer any questions you might have via email or phone. Unlike some board portals, which have you navigate to a FAQ page or offshore call centers Aprio provides dedicated customer service agents who are available to address your questions.

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