Dance Photography by Alexander Yakovlev

Beautiful but the same time powerful dance photography selection by russian artist Alexander Yakovlev. Based in Moscow photographer perfectly captured the movement, fineness, energy and emotions. Take a look at our selection, for more visit facebook / @ayakovlevcom / 500px   via


Vince Low – “Faces”

How to find meaning in the chaos? Artist and illustrator Vince low, from Kuala Lumpur using the technique invented by himself from the artistic chaos created portraits of famous personalities. The beginning of the series titled "Faces" is a social campaign for the Dyslexia Association of Malaysia,which was to draw attention to this particular disorder with whom we are not aware even nowadays. Because Low himself is a dyslexic makes his artistic message becomes even stronger. The campaign shows outstanding people suffering from this disorder, such as Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein and John Lennon,...


A Technicolor Basketball Court Pops Up in Paris

This unique basketball court which is based between two apartment buildings in the 9th arrondissement in Paris was recently redesigned, it owes his extraordinary appear to a collaboration of French fashion brand Pigalle, creative agency Ill Studio and Nike. The court was already decorated in 2015, but the new upgrade takes it completely to the next level....


“Home Movies” by Molly McCall

Molly McCall is using found photographs as the basis for her art. Her work is as much interesting as her professional life. Inspired by her great grandfather an illustrator for the New York Times, and grandfather, a professional watercolorist in Southern California, Molly has started painting and photography at an early age. Born in Monterey California with a family influence in clothing, she has created her own label and sold to numerous speciality boutiques including Henri Bendel in New York, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and Nordstrom, where she was...


Ernestine “Erni” Stollberg, The Truly Magnetic Austrian Model

Another example that age is just state of mind! This time I want to share an Instagram account of the truly magnetic Austrian model. Ernestine “Erni” Stollberg is 95 years old and she has become an Instagram sensation. For over the year Erni appears on @park_wien, Viennese concept shop Park, but not because she is 95, just thanks to here chameleonic skills in front of the camera. Nowadays hiring older models for promotional campaigns is very popular. I really like it I have to admit, the models are having a...


MY HEART IS AN ANIMAL by Katarzyna and Marcin Owczarek

"My Hearth is An Animal " is a amazing photo series created by Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek. Telling stories is a part of their fine art photography project based on surrealistic imagery. "My Hearth is An Animal" brings elaborate compositions combining human and animal elements. Photographers employ animal characters in human settings, often in a social and spiritual context, because each creature brings to life beautiful and original symbolism and emotional values. "We are all connected, people, animals, a one living organism. In every human being there is a...


Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon

I'm following Accidental Icon for some time and I wanted to share this great energy that I have found there. In 2014 at an age when many people were retiring, Lyn Slater has launched a whole new career. At age of 60 she become style blogger, while maintaining a successful full-time career as a professor of law. Shortly after she started her journey with blogging, she was featured on Advanced Style, has collaborated with Uniqlo and Refinery29. Lyn started Accidental Icon because she had troubles with finding fashion blog or...


Spring Vibe by #fulloftaste

Proposition for those who would like to bring a spring vibe into their wardrobe. Three different trends combine just for you. Today's outfit I have built around, in my opinion, the coolest trend, palazzo trousers. Mostly associated with Italians fashion, made from thin material with characteristic wide legs. Comfortable loose-fitting trousers help to hide our imperfections and makes your outfit more interesting. Second trend is bomber jacket, really popular for several seasons. Of course in my outfit you can see the masterpiece from GUCCI, but much cheaper items you can...

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