who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Children’s streetwear – inspired apparel brand BIG BAD WOLF created an artistic T-shirt series with renowned Oakland-based painter and sculptor Brendan Monroe. But first thing first. BIG BAD WOLF is an apparel brand for kids’ ages 2-10. Brand is creating fashion-forward apparel inspired by street wear, culture and the arts. Big Bad Wolf is also collaborating with renowned artists and brands from all over the world.
Brand story has begun when Amy Wong was having a difficult time finding the right feel or look for her daughter. Because Amy enjoys fashion and street wear, she wanted her daughter to dress like her or better. Searching through large company brands and various department stores, Amy came to realize that dressing Ella in similar fashion was harder than imagined. Instead, she would buy a mixture of boy’s apparel and mashed it with girl’s wear. It was then, that Amy decided to build the Big Bad Wolf.
Below you can see the recent collaboration with Brendan Monroe and his original graphics. Whole collection is available online.

Big Bad Wolf 01 Big Bad Wolf 02 Big Bad Wolf 03 Big Bad Wolf 04 Big Bad Wolf 05 Big Bad Wolf 06 Big Bad Wolf 07 Big Bad Wolf 08 Big Bad Wolf 09 Big Bad Wolf 10 Big Bad Wolf 11 Big Bad Wolf 12 Big Bad Wolf 13 Big Bad Wolf 14 Big Bad Wolf 15 Big Bad Wolf 16

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