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René Gruau – the greatest fashion illustrator of all time

Rene Gruau was born in 1909 in Italy. He created most iconic fashion images of the 20th century. His great artistic talent was discovered when Rene was 14 years old. By the time he reached 18, he was published internationally, in the US, Italy, and France. He worked for such magazines as Marie-Claire, Femina, Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Flair, L'Officiel, Madame Figaro, and L'Officiel de la Couture. In his great career, Gruau was hired also by major designers like Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior, Jacques Fath, Balenciaga, Elsa Schiaparelli, Rochas, Lanvin, Elizabeth Arden, and...


Louis Vuitton -Timeless Muses exhibition

If you are planning visiting Tokyo, from saturday on Louis Vuitton is taking over the city! From August 31 to September 23  you can see Timeless Muses exhibition dedicated to the iconic women from the arts, fashion, nobility, stage and screen. The showcase will pay homage to six women Kate Moss, Sofia Coppola, Catherine Deneuve, novelist Françoise Sagan, architect Charlotte Perriand and Eugénie de Montijo.  All of those women boldly marked the times in which they lived.    Below you can see the teaser with women who have inspired the French luxury...


Movie Moment by Alice X Zhang – digital painting

In every great movie you can find several memorable moments, which states in memory forever. New York artist Alice X. Zhang creates a portraits of pop culture characters in her own unique style of digital painting. It may look easy  but those pieces can take over 4 hours of work. Although she navigates Photoshop like a pro. Alice's collection of cinematic moments include such a film as The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, In the Mood for Love or my favorite  Inglourious Basterds with outstanding Christoph Waltz. If you live in...


Andrew Salgado – masculinity

Although he mostly paints figures from the shoulders up, he prefers not to call them portraits. This Canadian artist in his artwork show subject of masculinity and identity. Because of his sexual orientation Andrew was severely beaten, what had a large influence on his creativity. After this attack his paintings took more political tone.  Painter in admitted an interview, that  in addition to the tangibility and impermanence of the human body he also tries to show its fragility.  Salgado's intention is to attract viewers attention and persuade to consider what is on the painting...


Cate Parr – Watercolor Fashion Illustrations

For those, who are interested in visual art, ist clear that the watercolors are usually one of the most difficult forms. This fact has not discouraged born in UK artist, to create ethereal and dreamy art work. Delicate and almost blur works by Cate Parr, doesn't have innocent character. Darker tones coming from the background forces the viewer to take a closer look on the details. In today's world of thousand frames  taken in a second it's really hard  to create something that can keep our attention for a little...


Olga Melamory Larionova – photo-realistic artwork

I'm a total maniac when it comes to photo-realistic art. I have already showed you one of my favorite artist Sandra Jawad, but recently I found artworks of another great artst. Olga comes from Russia and is one of those artists who create hypnotic pieces of art. I'm totally amazed by hers talent. Photorealism is all about details but in my opinion here the level of details is outstanding. Those hyper realistic drawings are mostly created by using a pen.


85th Academy Awards Poster by Olly Moss

Only a few hours and great spektakl of glitz and glamour will begin. However, before  we start  this parade of vanity, we can focus little bit on awarded for the Best Picture. British artist, Olly Moss has designed as tribute to the Academy Awards. She invented 84 individual statuettes to represent every film that has ever won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The first statue is for "Wings", which has won Oscar at the first ceremony in 1927, the last one for last year's winner "The Artist". Each of those...

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