Andy Warhol’s Polaroids

Before there was an Instagram, there was Warhol. This is an artist that definitely was ahead of an era. Since late 60’s until his death in 1987, Warhol carried his Polaroid camera wherever he went. On his polaroids he captured the innumerable of famous faces, included his own and this fleeting moments that swirled around him with every step.

“A photo means that I know from every minute where I was. That’s why I’m making photos. This is a kind of visual diary. ” – Andy Warhol

This and much more you can see in new book about this great artist. Hundreds features of the instant snaps he took, many of them unseen, decades before Instagram is a new proposition of TASCEN publishing house.

andy-warhol-31Grace Jones

andy-warhol-01Diane von Furstenberg

andy-warhol-02Andy Warhol

andy-warhol-03Yoko Ono

andy-warhol-04Debbie Harry

andy-warhol-05Sonia Rykiel

andy-warhol-06Diana Vreeland

andy-warhol-07Little Edie Beale

andy-warhol-08Liza Minnelli

andy-warhol-12Andy Warhol

andy-warhol-13Yves Saint Laurent

andy-warhol-14Bianca Jagger

andy-warhol-15Gianni Versace


Giorgio Armani

andy-warhol-17Jean-Michel Basquiat


Carolina Herrera


Dolly Parton

andy-warhol-20John Lennon


andy-warhol-11Keith Haring & Juan Dubose

andy-warhol-22Martha Graham

andy-warhol-23Arnold Schwarzengger


andy-warhol-24 Joan Collins

andy-warhol-25 Mick Jagger

andy-warhol-26Truman Capote


Diana Ross


andy-warhol-28Paloma Picasso


Andy Warhol



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