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Have you ever wondered what would your favourite comic book heroes looked like if they grew old?
Currently residing in Chicago artist,
Alex Solis in his project #famousoldies, in a funny way shows your superheroes in 80+ variation.
For more of his cool drawings fallow Alex Solis on his tumblr. Check out also his homepage .

famousoldies 02 famousoldies 01 famousoldies 03

famousoldies 04

famousoldies 05

famousoldies 06

famousoldies 07

famousoldies 08

famousoldies 09

famousoldies 10

famousoldies 11

famousoldies 12

famousoldies 13

famousoldies 14

famousoldies 15

famousoldies 16

famousoldies 17

famousoldies 18

famousoldies 19

famousoldies 20

famousoldies 21

famousoldies 22

from: Alex Solis

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