20 Fall’s Best Bags

Handbag…can you imagine life without it? History of handbags dates back to even the sixteenth century and for centuries resembled a simple bag. The changes came along with second half of the nineteenth century and there are strictly related to change in the Women social status. We became more bolder, we travelled more often and we were more aware of our needs. In a response to those needs, the two biggest brand Louis Vuitton and Hermes are creating a special line. From this time on we can observe experimentation with shapes and materials.
Big stars like Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy bring out new trends, those two fashion icons has own dedicated handbag: “Kelly Bag” by Hermes and “Jacky O” by Gucci.
Handbag’s life was safe, until in 80′ when backpack has become a competitive. This is also the time when brand logo is the most important decorative element. From the 90′ on handbags designer are becoming more and more popular.

Fashion World is constantly dictating a new trends, constantly developing trends in the arts and fashion can also be seen in bags designing. The newest trends are also brought out by Celebrities, who more often then before are involved in the design and promoting women’s clothes and accessories. This is perfect solution for more confident and independent women, who are looking for distinctive, unique and personalized style. 

At the end just take a look for 20 fall’s best bags selected by Harper’s Bazaar. There is no doubt that some of them are pretty expensive but I’m sure that you can just take a look – it cost nothing :)!
























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