This week favorite – jewellery by DYLANLEX

I’m a statement jewelry maniac, that’s why I’m recently huge fan of this new but already well known brand.
DYLANLEX began as a young fashion designer’s photo journal, evolved into a social media movement, and arrived today as a line of original hand crafted statement pieces for people as original as the jewelry line itself.
Each of those stunning pics is is handcrafted in New York city. using the expertise and craftsmanship of artisans gathered from across the globe, to create pieces that blend modern edge with the elegance of traditional techniques. Those pieces of art combined Swarovski Crystal, antiqued metals to create statement jewelry.

Visit to learn more about and see the recent collection.
Feel free also to follow DYLANLEX at Instagram @dylanlexa.

dylanlex005 dylanlex006 dylanlex007 dylanlex008 dylanlex009 dylanlex010 dylanlex001 dylanlex002 dylanlex003 dylanlex004


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