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Tattoo Art – Geometrical Tattoos By Jasper Andres

Word “Tattoo” originally come from „tatau”, what in Polynesian language means “mark something”. It’s really hard to precisely determine the beginnings of this body decorating technique, because the skin is completely biodegradable. However mention in that regard we can find in the Holy Bible. Tattoo was presented there as a symbol of the unity, Christians mark their wrists with the fish or the cross sign, sometimes also the initials of Jesus Christ.

For a long time people has associated tattoos with prisoners, people from the lower classes, or Mafia like in The Europe or USA.  We can find that kind of practice also in the Eastern tradition, where the tattoo shows position in the Mafia hierarchy. They were also the symbol of rebellion and subculture. Nowadays tattoos adorn the body, regardless of social status or education. However it turns out that they are still working on our subconscious.

Today is different. Tattooing has grown to the status of art as a proof we can point out numerous of museums devoted to the technique of body decorating.

As a first example of tattoo art I want to present great work of New Zealand- based artist. Jasper Andres creates delicate, minimalist and most of all beautiful tattoos. Andres blends together the animals and geometry, as a result you can see a unique tattoos. As you can see below sometimes Jasper infuses the thinly-lined tattoos with vibrant colours which makes them look something like watercolour paintings. Basically, he takes a classic tattoo idea and turns into elegant tattoo, that begins with animal portrait and ending with an angular, geometric design, or starting out with a precise, symmetrical shape, and finishing with a flourish of unrestrained watercolor, blending. I’m sure that Jasper Andres is making a name for himself with his stunning, geometric, nature-themed designs. Scroll down for closer look and for more stunning artwork visit Instagram, Facebook.

Jasper Andres 02 Jasper Andres 03 Jasper Andres 04 Jasper Andres 05 Jasper Andres 06 Jasper Andres 07 Jasper Andres 08 Jasper Andres 09 Jasper Andres 10 Jasper Andres 11 Jasper Andres 12 Jasper Andres 13 Jasper Andres 14 Jasper Andres 01

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