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What Disney’s Animators Were Using to Create Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney like we all now was far ahead of his time. To bring his cartoon characters in to the life he has used highly innovative techniques for the time, to help his animators to replicate the best body movements and facial expressions. Below you can see how much effort Disney's team was putting to create one of his masterpieces, Alice in Wonderland. Girl that you can see on the photos is Kathryn Beaumont, the actor who voiced both Alice in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Wendy in Disney’s Peter Pan....


Disney Princess Pin-Up Series by Andrew Tarusov

Andrew Tarusov is a Russian illustrator and today we want to present his new one "The Disney Pin-up" series. L.A based artist transported Disney princes in to the world of hot vintage pin ups. Form Ariel through Belle, or Rapunzel to Snow White, all in seductive poses. You have to visit tarusov.com to see more of his illustration! Facebook / @askandy   all illustrations belong to @askandy...


Disney for adults

just take a look! This is for those who haven't seen it yet.                                    ...