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Stunning Murals by Herakut

Herakut is a German art duo Hera and Akut, that since 2004 worked together on various successful global art projects. Their work can be easily find in big cities around the world – from Toronto to Kathmandu, from San Francisco to Melbourne. Their joint creative art process is dialogical, among themselves as well as towards the outside by embracing the public. It’s about storytelling, the creation of imaginary worlds and inspiring their figures with individual characters. Hera sets the characters’ form and proportions, whilst Akut paints the photorealistic elements. The...

street art

Save the Bees Mural Project by Louis Masai Michel

Louis Masai Michel grew up with Afrocentric artefacts, voodoo dolls and living what many other children can just read about in storybooks. Michel's father was born in a mud hut in Cameroon, in north-west Africa, and was the only white child in the village. Louis first started street art when he lived in Cornwall. Then, when travelling through South America he saw what he described as “incredible stuff”, “mind blowing” street art and he was encouraged to try his hand at it. “At the end of the day, I paint...

street art

Large-scale Murals by NEVERCREW

NEVERCREW is a swiss-based artists duo Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. They are in street art for over two decades. They both frequented the art school in Lugano and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milano. Since the beginning they started working on many media, but focusing on murals in a different way beside the usual 90's concept of graffiti. NEVERCREW work both with two-dimensional and tridimensional, realizing paintings, sculptures and installations. Throw those large-scale murals, the artists seek to highlight and ask questions about some of the...

street art

Geometric illusions – murals by ASTRO

ASTRO is a French artist that created his first mural in 2000 in the northern suburbs of Paris. Inspired by such artist as Hartung, Vasarely or Mucha he created his own unique universe, especially when it comes to use of subtleties of light and shadows, strength and color perspective. ASTRO likes big forms like walls in the heart of the city where he climbs his art. His work can easily fool human eye. With graphic lines he's disrupting the flatness facades and images, creating an impressive optical illusions. This wild...

street art

street art by RONE

RONE is an Australian street artist, based in Melbourne. He is part of the group known as Everfresh - along with artists Sync, Phibs, Reka, Wonderlust, Prizm, Meggs, Makatron and The Tooth. Everfresh is known for creating works which fuse intense colour, intricate line work, iconic characters and visual narratives, using the most diverse street art and graffiti techniques. This group is definitely shaping Melbourne's dynamic and prolific 
street-art scene. RONE  is best known for his sumptuous paintings of glamorous women, in particular an often recurring image of his so-called...

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Geometric murals by Stefaan de Croock

Stefaan De Croock is a Belgian artist, mastered in fine arts (graphic design) at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. Since 2011 he is fully dedicated to his artistic craft and project ‘Strook’. His training and experience as a graphic designer put a clear mark on his artistic vision. Stefaan is not typical street artist. While most of his colleagues spray paint walls, Strook uses planks of recycled wood to create giant murals. In his artwork he is creating a unique composition of shapes, colors, and textures. Stefaan draws some basic lines first....

street art

WD – street art

WD aka Wild Draw­ing is an street artist born in Bali. WD has degrees in Fine Arts and in Applied Arts. His journey with street art started in 2009 and since then number of his artwork is still growing. Cur­rently he lives and works in Athens, Greece. below you can see some example of his work. For more visit also facebook / wdstreetart.com...

street art

Fin DAC – graffiti artist

This London based graffiti artist is well known from his portrait works. Fin DAC during his urban art career  has defined his own atypical paint style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art, and has called it Urban Aesthetics. He has also commercial projects for The Royal Albert Hall, Armani, G-Star, Red Bull and Jägermeister. Take a look at our selection of Fin DAC artwork, for more visit tumblr / facebook .    all artworks belong to @Findac...

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