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Renaissance With a Touch of Modernity by Gerard Mas

Let me introduce you to this young Spanish artist. Gerard Mas is a sculptor, born in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Girona, Spain. He studied at Llotja Art School in Barcelona. As you can see below Gerard evokes 15th century Florentine portraits and adds a pinch of modernity and humour. Clear inspiration for his marble sculptures is early modern period and the Renaissance but Mas never forgets to add some elements from present days, like chewing-gum, tattoo, lollipop or microphone. His favourite materials are marble, alabaster, wood, resin and bronze. Learn...


Realistic Sculptures made by Christopher David White

Christopher David White is an American artist currently living and working in Richmond, Virginia. He began his career in the arts through drawing and painting. It wasn’t until 2008 when he started to work heavily with clay and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Indiana University in 2012. Christopher has received his Masters of Fine Arts in Clay from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. He was also the recipient of the Center of Craft, Creativity and Design: Windgate Fellowship in 2012, and later was awarded ‘Most Environmentally...


Sculptures Of People by Peter Demetz

Peter Demetz is an Italian artist, who knows how to put life into wood. Yes I know it's hard to believe but those realistic sculpture are made from wood. In his hands material that seems to be hard and lifeless is turned to flawlessly life-like sculpture. Peter has perfectly mastered human anatomy, which makes his sculptures look like paintings or sketches. Rather than in classical marble sculpture his are more natural and realistic, what makes the different here is the natural warm wood colors. learn more here : peterdemetz.it  ...