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sauerkraut in puff pastry

- champignon mushroom - onion - sauerkraut - cumin - bay leaf - allspice - pepper - puff pastry Pickled cabbage should be firstly rinse and then cook with bay leaf and allspice. On a frying pan fry the onions and mushrooms. After cooling, mix the cabbage and mushrooms. Cut puff pastry in rectangles. 2 for each pie. Fill the prepared pie with filling and cover it with another piece of pastry. Bake about 15-20 jasmine at 180 degrees...


shrimps & chorizo

- shrimps - chorizo - pepper - green peas - green beans - rice - herbs - basil On hot pan fry the chorizo in order to let go of fat. Put pieces of chorizo to a container, throw the peeled shrimp on fat. later add the chopped pepper and then peas. Add previously cooked green beans and rice, mix with shrimp and pepper at the end add the chorizo. Aromatic sausage gives the dish a spicy flavor Season with salt Sprinkle with parsley or fresh basil   ...


Breakfast idea

Ingredients: - 3 eggs - a glass of milk - 1 tomato - 3 mushrooms - Half of a small onion - Ham, salami - 1/4 red pepper - grated cheese - chives - fresh basil - herbs de Provence Add milk to the eggs, mix all together, season with salt, pepper and herbs. Put fried onions and mushrooms to the little bowls, add chopped ham and salami, and tailored basil and chives. Pour the whole mixture in to the bowls and sprinkle everything with grated cheese. Bake at 190 degrees 20...