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Amber tampon? yes it’s possible!

This unusual pieces of jewellery created by Nina Kupniewska and  Dario Dalessandro (Warsaw, Poland) is a winning work at 21 International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones. Amber tampon has won Amberif Design Award because "provokes a discussion about our attitude to menstruation ". According to polish information website tvn24.pl "jury appreciated the work for suggestiveness, courage, and humorous". Below you can see second and third place and several highlighted works.   Tomasz Jan Kisiel, Gdańsk, Poland Maren Giloy, Idar-Oberstein, Germany Agnieszka Krzyżanowska, Bydgoszcz, Poland Miron Kutarba, Puck, Poland Tamara Grüner, Pforzheim, Germany...